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BI Developer

  • Location: Shenzhen
  • Department: IT
  • Type: Public
  • Job Responsibilities:
  • Development of R2 Platform Data Center (ETL)
  • Responsible for the development and optimization of R2Games' data collection platform ETL.
  • Import game data to the R2 platform; 1. Responsible for connecting and processing game data within the R2Games platform.
  • Responsible for data and statistics pulled from R2Games' platform.
  • R2 Game Data Access
  • Responsible for importing and processing operational and advertising data for the R2Games platform.
  • Responsible for handling operational data requests on the R2Games platform and continuous improvement.
  • Qualifications:
  • Proficient with Java/C++ object-oriented programming; mastery of Linux fundamentals.
  • Strong logic and critical thinking; possessing sound business acumen and excellent analytical skills.
  • Possesses practical experience in the deployment and use of Hadoop, data warehouses.
  • Candidates possessing experience with BI developer reporting, ad hoc queries, ETL, and data mining shall be given preference.
  • Possesses excellent communication and copywriting skills; ability to handle pressure.
  • Candidates should be passionate about technology, challenges, auto-didacticism, and proactivity.
  • Email to:
  • When applying, please have the following subject title format: Name + Position
  • Example: Sam + English Customer Service
  • Please also attach your portfolio when applying for an art position. We will inform you once your application has been received.