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‘Around the World in Running Shoes’ Marathon Activity

Source: R2GamesCreated: 11/29/2015

In April, R2Games launched the ‘Around the World in Running Shoes’ Marathon Activity. The goal was to collectively run 40,000 kilometers, the equivalent to the Earth’s circumference. Since then, thanks to the efforts of our employees and the contribution of the Running Managers, we reached our goals, which goes to show how involved every department got in the challenge.

To celebrate the end of the activity and witness the moment we, as a group, reach the initial goal of 40,000 kilometers, R2Games organized the `R2 Thanksgiving Running Together` on November 26th. The mini marathon took all the employees on its running shoes to the streets of Shenzhen Bay Park, and pushed by the bright sunny day and the passion of Owen for the activity, everyone gave their best to get to the finishing line.

From the girls group, Roanna from CEO’s office was the first to complete the 5k, followed by Cici Chen and Ji. As for the boys, the fastest ones were Steven Zeng, Sean Keith and Hui.